Our Story

Brownstone Counsel started from the demise of what ended as a renovation project that got stalled for 4 years, multiple stop work orders, and costly litigation. I asked myself if this could have been avoided. Maybe, but it ultimately depends on the involved parties and how ready they are to follow rules and building codes. In the above mentioned project, the neighbor was building contrary to the DOB approved building plans, furthermore, the general contractor had made several damages to the shared party wall and to the adjoining neighbor’s building including a 10 feet hole in the roof which for 4 years was open for rain and snow. The general contractor also started the demolition work before any roof and backyard protection was in place. The construction/demolition work caused interior wall cracks in several of the adjoining building’s apartments. To top things off, the developer deposited a pile of asbestos trash in the adjoining neighbor’s backyard for 4 years making the backyard unusable for the entire duration.


Welcome to our office

Brownstone Counsel is helping homeowners and developers with problems that may arise when one party is performing renovating or new construction. We focus on the issues and problems that may arise between the developer and the adjoining neighbors and tenants. We strive to help provide a communicative dialog between all involved parties. We believe that communication and respect for private property are imperative when you or your neighbor is starting construction. Communication is many times both a requirement and necessary to prevent down-the-road problems. 


Adjoining neighbors have the right to the continued enjoyment of their property in a peaceful and quiet manner. At the same time, once a developer has DOB permits and fulfilled all pre-construction requirements as needed, then they have the right to start work.

Navigating building codes, city permits, NYC violations, DEP guidelines, OSHA laws, and at the same time administrating on-site construction work all at once is a tall task. We believe it’s key that both parties know the law to the extent needed to make sure both the construction site and neighboring properties are safe for all parties and the general public. When starting a new project, property lines, old encroachments and partition walls will often be questioned and problems such as structural damages to the adjoining neighboring properties will nearly always lead to stop work orders and in the worst cases too costly litigation, as well as insurance claims, and sometimes year-long delays.  

Brownstone Counsel tries to alleviate this. We help involved parties on both sides of the process. We try to foresee what might later become real issues and help guide our clients with their obligations and rights. We can help you connect with the best industry professionals such as lawyers and professional engineers whom we believe will be best suited to provide the solutions you like to see.